Inanna’s descent to the nether world

The world’s oldest myth will be presented in Sumerian and Noh (Japanese performing art). This first ever approach to stage this myth will be preceded by a few workshops and seminars to provide you with insight, which will hopefully enable a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the performance.

World premier performance at the “Yama no Schule” -Schule in Berg-

World premier performance at the “Yama no Schule” -Schule in Berg-
We are excited to announce that the world premier performance will be at “Yama no Schule” on Saturday, 6th June 2015.

This year is the third annual “Yama no Schule” where the series of “Descent to the nether world” performances have been performed.

The series kicked off in 2013 with “Izanagi’s descent to the nether world” from the Japanese “Kojiki” (The oldest record of history in Japan) followed by the Greek god Orpheus and his journey to the under world in 2014. These ancient myths hold the power to impact our perspective so greatly that we see the world with different eyes.

On Sunday, 7th June 2015, there will be a round table with Seikou Ito, Keisuke Takai, professor of Sumerian literature and Noh artist Noboru Yasuda. Details here


“Yama no Schule” pre-show seminars
(Held in Japanese only)

  • 1st seminar
    The world before the invention of writing –a world for the women by the women-
    At: 7pm Wednesday, 18th March
    With: Yumehina Hyakki (Doll artist) Mitsuko Arai (Cellist) Nanafuku Tamagawa (Japanese song, Roukyoku artist)
  • 2nd Seminar
    Discussing myths of "Descents to the nether world" around the world
    At: 7pm Wednesday,15th April
    With Tomoko Mino (lyre musician)
  • 3rd Seminar
    At:7pm Thursday 14th May –TBA
Details here