Summaries of seminars and workshops (held in Japanese only) concerning “Inanna’s descent to the nether world”


**Women and culture
before the invention of writing**

Inanna’s existence in the female centric age
Topics planned; Inanna’s personality/ Fukou, representing China, in the world before writing/ Amaterasu Oomikami, representing Japan, in the world before writing/ Shinkou Koutei following the traditions of the days before writing/ The ancient myth “Inanna’s descent to the nether world” and women’s growth/ and others


**Descent to the nether world**

Comparing the various myths of descents to the nether world in different cultures around the world./ Topics planned: “Descent to the nether world” in Kojiki, the oldest Historical record in Japan/ Orpheus’s descent to the nether world/ What is the nether world/ and others